The Two Most Powerful Words

Do you know what the two most powerful, action inducing, life changing words are?  If you don’t, read on.

Sticks & Stones (and Self-Talk)

 “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

OR will they?

The power of positive self-talk is significantly underestimated and often overlooked.  To better understand our everyday behaviors and moods, we need to take note (literally) of what we say to ourselves, and pay close attention to what we do after we say them.  Often, when people are prompted to perform this simple exercise of tracking self-talk, they are shocked to discover how, even subtle moments of negative self-talk throughout the day, can add up quickly and lead to a day of self-fulfilling prophecies.

The very first thought(s) that enter your mind as you awake each morning (and how you address/respond to them) have the power to directly affect your entire day.  What we say to ourselves (our inner dialogue) is what we become conditioned to believe.  Even the smallest, seemingly harmless comments, can become negative mental traps that lead to feelings of frustration, disappointment, unhappiness, defeat, and despair.

Pressing pause on the playlist

What can we do to change this continuous loop?

The first step is recognizing the strength of our words and acknowledging our minds willingness to accept and respond to them – both good and bad.  Rather than focusing on what we CAN’T do, we must shift our thinking to focus on what we CAN do.  When we do this, we give ourselves the power to overcome the things we cannot change, by creating alternative ways to succeed and find happiness.  Whereas when we choose to repeat, over and over again what we can’t do, we begin to accept, believe, and give power to the idea of impossibilities.

Words will either hurt you or help you

There are two words in which I refrain from ever using, and even went as far as forbidding a most special friend from ever uttering because I loved her so.  The words “I can’t” are filled with doubt, fear, loneliness, pain, and weakness.  These two words ooze ugliness and leave us feeling powerless.  Using them only reinforces our limitations and our acceptance of them.

Instead, by focusing on what we CAN do, we find empowerment in our choice to decide what we want to focus on, accept, change, or resist in our lives.  Statements that begin with “I CAN”  are filled with hope, choice, freedom, power, and determination.

Your Voice.  Your Choice. 

We all have fears and will doubt ourselves from time to time, but if we make it a practice to use words that reinforce and convey positive power and possibilities, we set the stage for success, rather than expecting failure.  We can’t always control the circumstances in which we find ourselves, or the obstacles in which we have to face, but as I often told my dear friend and Heavenly Hero, there are two things that can never be taken away from you:  One, is your voice, and the other is your choice.

So, choose your words wisely and use them carefully.  What you say to yourself, you may just start to believe.  What you say to others, many may start to believe.

As for me, I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  – Philippians 4:13

The Forgotten Practice of Making Wishes

Look Up and Make a Wish!

I don’t know what excited more – enjoying the special treat, or the anticipation of unwrapping the lollipop and searching for the Indian and the star on that character-clad piece of waxy paper.  If you were lucky enough to find the Indian shooting up at the star, you should rub the star on the wrapper while making a wish, because it just might come true (well, at least that’s what I was once told and subsequently believed).

I wished for many, many things over the years.  I wished that the mean girls in middle school would start to be nice to me (or at the very least, forget that I existed).  I wished for a new outfit that I had been wanting for a very long time, but we could never afford.  Then, there was that boy….

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The Light

Nebraska sky

The Light

If you are reading this message and you find that it speaks to you
know that He is listening, and lovingly watching over you.

You may be questioning why bad things happen, or pleading for things to be different
but His plan is not our plan, though he assures us that every prayer request is significant.

One might ask why he would allow some to suffer, while others live free,
but His purpose is far greater and wider reaching, than our hearts can comprehend, or our eyes can see.

There are many who suffer alone, left paralyzed by darkness and loss
and those who somehow find their way, guided only by a hard lesson they were taught.

Sometimes it’s our example: a kind word, a simple smile, or a loving touch of the hand, that changes a life, and aides in His master plan.

There are no coincidences, I always say
and messages from above are sent to us in many ways.

Today, may this message remind you that you are never alone.
Hope still exists, and goodness can be found,
if only we start LOOKING UP, and stop looking down.

Whether you are the one to offer, or the one needing to receive,
A light, in a time of darkness, is a gift that so many desperately need.
So…inspire, support, and love those who need it most
Choose to be the light in someone’s life, and allow tenderness to be exposed.

Open your hearts. Let your light encourage others.
We all need a beacon. We all need each other.

The Thing About Grief

The Thing About Grief ©

The thing about grief is that it never goes away
It hides behind smiles and laughter, but it can always be felt in some way
People don’t always understand, and often, it only makes it harder
There’s a hole that can’t be filled, even when you find company in another

The thing about grief is that it can change us in many ways
It can bring one to their knees, it can lead a disbeliever to pray
It can sit and it can stir, and awaken someone’s heart
It can offer understanding, a different reason for being,
but nothing on how to begin a crippling new start

Grief is timeless. Grief is loneliness. Grief can be bitterly cold
Yet, loved ones remain with us forever, as I’ve always been told
We can’t always see them, and for that, our hearts ache deep in our souls
We are left to continue on our paths, and find a new way on our own

Some days are easier, and some hurt like hell
We may find that our hearts can teach others, and in turn, hope may reach ours
Grief may never go away, but we do our best to overcome
We look for those reminders, cherish the memories, and always remember the great love.

It’s not fair, but life goes on with or without us
When we feel lost, sad, or are in need of a sign
LOOK UP…and know that your loved one is with you, in all places, and at all times.