The Look Up Girl

Having traveled the country most of her life and overcoming countless obstacles, The Look Up Girl has made a habit of “looking up” in times of despair, confusion, and heartache.  She finds beauty in simplicity, passion in the making of genuine connections, and has a deep appreciation for the flaws and differences of others knowing the story each holds. The author of the newly released nonfiction book, “Broken Little Believer-Finding Purpose in All the Pretty Painful Pieces,” she uses her words and her experiences to touch and inspire others.

The Look Up Girl is a little bit of a hippie, wandering gypsy, and faith-filled missionary all in one.  Spontaneous and always ready for an adventure, she takes others along on the ride by capturing, often over-looked details in her writing and photographs for others to enjoy.  Having spent a lot of time alone as a young girl, she developed a mental strength and powerful positive perspective that not only helped her survive, but led to her success later in life.  A hard worker with a fierce drive that pushes her to overcome, she put herself through college and created a successful life for herself.  Her early independence and life-long self reliance though, lends to her natural ability to relate to others and gravitate towards, and help, those who are hurting, misunderstood, or feel alone.

The Look Up Girl offers something for everyone in her powerful views and experiences on many subjects. A lifelong writer, she resides in NJ with her husband, 3 children, 2 dogs, and chickens. She writes for various organizations and is passionate about reaching those seeking encouragement, understanding, or simply a positive message in their day or throughout their personal battles. Her new book reached #1 New Release on Amazon and she’s already busy working on her next one.