Pieces of love – carried in our hearts

Love never ends
Life is a lot like a puzzle. We spend so much time putting the pieces of it together, but then find that there’s a piece missing. We can focus on the missing piece, losing sight of the big picture, or we can focus on the many pieces that connect and show us the love and beauty that remains. One day, all of the pieces of the puzzle will come together. Until then, never stop searching for that missing piece. It’s these pieces that are usually the most precious of all, and often times, we realize they were with us all along.


The Light

Nebraska sky

The Light

If you are reading this message and you find that it speaks to you
know that He is listening, and lovingly watching over you.

You may be questioning why bad things happen, or pleading for things to be different
but His plan is not our plan, though he assures us that every prayer request is significant.

One might ask why he would allow some to suffer, while others live free,
but His purpose is far greater and wider reaching, than our hearts can comprehend, or our eyes can see.

There are many who suffer alone, left paralyzed by darkness and loss
and those who somehow find their way, guided only by a hard lesson they were taught.

Sometimes it’s our example: a kind word, a simple smile, or a loving touch of the hand, that changes a life, and aides in His master plan.

There are no coincidences, I always say
and messages from above are sent to us in many ways.

Today, may this message remind you that you are never alone.
Hope still exists, and goodness can be found,
if only we start LOOKING UP, and stop looking down.

Whether you are the one to offer, or the one needing to receive,
A light, in a time of darkness, is a gift that so many desperately need.
So…inspire, support, and love those who need it most
Choose to be the light in someone’s life, and allow tenderness to be exposed.

Open your hearts. Let your light encourage others.
We all need a beacon. We all need each other.